Café Fountain

Situated at the bottom station, café fountain prepares delicious cuisines with everybody’s taste buds in mind. Whether you stop by for lunch or just want something to snack on, the appetizing menu and the courteous staff will make you feel right at home.

The café has two executive rooms that can host corporate meetings or just informal gathering, all in a natural and relaxing setting.

Cafe Fountain

Located at the landing of the top station is the highest bar in town. It promises a one of a kind drinking experience with beautiful scenic view.  Bar@2520 is a place where great memories are created!

Fine Dining

Perched on the peak of Chandragiri, the fine dining restaurant serves delicious delicacies on your platter. Relish the finer things in life with well-prepared intercontinental cuisines while soaking up the tranquil ambience that the beauty of the space conjures.

Buffet Restaurant

Located at the ground floor of the view tower, the buffet restaurant serves well-priced daal-bhat throughout the week.

Fast Food Center / Food Court

The fast food center, next to the corporate conference center, serves an assortment of dishes from their a la carte menu that will leave you craving for more. This area also offers spot for outdoor picnic to families and corporate guests.

Located outside the view tower is the food court. The menu is reasonably priced and offers mouthwatering, Nepali style, street food that is served fresh and fast.