Chandragiri Hills Ltd is a hospitality company which provides the services of cable car, restaurants & bar, multipurpose hall, branded shops, playground for kids, with its upcoming attractions as boutique hotel, adventure park and paragliding.
Chandragiri Hills is seven kilometers from Kalanki and lies in the south-west of Kathmandu valley.
Cable car operates from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays, and 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekends and public holidays.
Any person aged 11 or below must be accompanied by a passenger aged 15 or above to travel on cable car.
Cable car journey is 2.5 Kilometers long.
Yes, they can. Our cable car operators will assist wheelchair-bound passengers in boarding the cable cars.
A maximum of 8 passengers can be accommodated; children aged below 3 years old also count as one person.
There are 38 cabins, two freight carriers and one maintenance carrier.
Yes, there is a lunch break from 12:30 noon till 1:30 pm. This 60 minutes is for lunch when the cable car operation comes to a halt.
No, for safety reasons and to protect the environment, smoking is prohibited in the two terminals and cabins of cable car at Chandragiri Hills.
You can easily spend a fun-filled and enriching day at Chandragiri Hills. Depending on your traveling time at Chandragiri Hills, we recommend allowing yourself at least two to three hours to give you enough time to explore and have lunch or refreshments.
Children aged 3-11 can enjoy special rates while children below 3ft can travel free of charge.
Yes, we have four parking areas where up to 300 motor bikes and 200 cars can be parked.
Yes, it has been built by the leading cable car company in the world, Doppelmayr which is based out in Austria. Our staffs have been fully trained in cable car operations and rescue and we have regular updates as well as maintenance checks.
The cabins are made out of aluminum and fiber glass. The viewing windows are made out of plexiglass.
Yes you can take pictures but a lot of movement is restricted.
In case of emergencies, we have an emergency backup generator and to back that up we have emergency batteries. We can also access the cabins for rescue if there is ever a need to do so.
Our security service includes, monitoring surveillance along with guards which insures that the guest, employee and  properties are safe and secure at all times.
The climate is unpredictable, we are located above 2500 meters at the top of the Kathmandu Valley rim so in the rainy season we get a lot of cloud and rain. However in the dry months the views are fantastic and it is clear but cold. You should always pack a warm top and in the rainy season bring a waterproof jacket and an umbrella. It is easier to walk up the hill from the cable car top station if you have comfortable flat soled footwear and all our paths are concrete. If you are very lucky then in January you may even experience snow with us at Chandragiri Hills!
Yes, we have a wide biodiversity of species at Chandragiri Hills making it ideal for bird watchers, school groups and nature lovers. You can often spot wildlife and birds from the cabins as you travel on the cable car.