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Up in the Clouds: Navigating Cable Car Safety at Chandragiri Hill

January 8, 2024

The cable car ride in Chandragiri Hills provides a thrilling way to take in majestic Himalayan views. As the cable car soars up to the top of Chandragiri Hills at 2551 meters (8366 ft), you’ll be welcomed with stunning aerial perspectives of valleys, hills, villages, and mountain ranges. However, safety should always be your main concern when riding high above the ground in a cable car. Follow these tips for a secure and enjoyable cable car experience at Chandragiri Hills.

Before Boarding

  • Arrive early and line up in an orderly queue to wait your turn. Don’t rush or push when boarding.
  • Listen closely to all instructions from cable car operators and follow posted signs. Don’t board until directed. 
  • Ensure you don’t exceed the maximum capacity, as overloading can jeopardize safety.
  • Use the washroom beforehand since cable cars don’t have facilities. 
  • Make sure all your bags and accessories are kept safe so that they won’t fall out during the ride.
  •  Have your ticket ready to show staff and board carefully one at a time.

During the Ride

  • Do not lean out or rock the cable car. Remain seated throughout the ride, holding onto the hand grips firmly.
  •  Avoid sudden movements that could destabilize the cable car. Do not distract the cable car operator or interfere with any equipment inside the car. 
  • Stay away from the cable car door and do not try to open it during the ride.
  • If you start feeling vertigo, nausea, or anxiety, alert a staff member immediately at the next boarding area. They can provide assistance. 
  • Constantly supervise children closely and do not let them walk around. Maintain a tight hold on young kids. 
  • In case of emergency, stay calm and follow all instructions from the staff. Cable cars have safety equipment and two-way radios.
  •  Avoid trying to smoke or light cigarettes while inside the cable car, as this can trigger fire alarms.

Safety Features

  • Modern Technology: The cable car system at Chandragiri Hills is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth operations and passenger safety.
  • Regular Inspections: Rigorous inspections are conducted regularly to assess the cable car’s structural integrity, mechanical components, and overall safety measures.
  • Emergency Protocols: Trained staff members are on standby, ready to implement emergency protocols in case of unforeseen circumstances. These include evacuation plans and first aid measures.

Evacuation at Chandragiri Hills Cable Car 

In case of some unfortunate situation, if the cable car stops the operation team uses the available generator, UPS, to operate the cable car. Within 30 mins the passengers are evacuated when cable car gets stuck.

Exiting the Cable Car

  • Wait for the operator’s go-ahead before exiting. Do not rush or push.
  • Watch your step and hold onto handrails when disembarking from the cable car.
  • Collect all your belongings and remove waste when exiting.

End Note

By keeping these cable car safety tips in mind, you can take in the breathtaking Himalayan views from Chandragiri Hills while enjoying a secure ride. The stunning scenery of mountains, valleys, and forest is an unforgettable experience. Stay alert and follow instructions, and your cable car adventure will be a thrilling highlight amidst the natural splendor of Chandragiri Hills.