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Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri Hills

Relaxation – Recreation – Retreat

Your Break in the Himalayas

For anyone seeking a getaway or an escape from the daily grind, there is no better destination in Kathmandu than the Chandragiri Hills. From a peaceful pilgrimage to thrilling adventures, leisurely activities, and a luxurious staycation, the Chandragiri Hills has it all.


Our mission is to consistently provide our guests an enjoyable and safe environment for recreation, relaxation, and refuge. Chandragiri Hills aims to encourage domestic and adventure travel in Nepal, and while at it, give a memorable vacation experience to its visitors.


Pioneering Spirit

Our core focus lies in offering innovation in the hospitality and tourism industry of Nepal. We firmly believe in pushing the boundaries of conventional practices and constantly exploring new horizons. By fostering a culture of innovation, we strive to create extraordinary experiences and set new standards in our industry.


We value the trust society has placed in us as custodians of the environment and promoters of local history and culture. We firmly believe in practicing good governance and transparency.


At Chandragiri Hills, we uphold excellence as a fundamental value that drives our every endeavor. Our relentless pursuit of excellence propels us to be at the forefront of creating integrated tourist destinations within the hospitality industry.


Collaboration is deeply ingrained in Chandragiri Hills’ values. Beyond teamwork within our staff members and stakeholders, we also actively collaborate with the broader community to preserve nature and culture


Chandragiri Hills is dedicated to providing ethical, fair, and responsible services to our valued customers and stakeholders. Our facilities and attractions are accessible to visitors with different abilities, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything Chandragiri Hills does. Besides maintaining ecological balance, our commitment extends to conserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, and minimizing waste.


Chandragiri Hills Ltd aspires to become a landmark holiday destination in Kathmandu for everyone within the country and outside of it.


Chandragiri Hills aspires to become a landmark holiday destination in Kathmandu for everyone within the country and outside of it.


The History of the Ultimate Destination

In 2007, while on a trip to Chobhar Hills, Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal shared one of his deepest wishes with his brother and his team. He wanted to craft an integrated tourist destination in Kathmandu, which would be a core holiday memory for millions of Nepali families.